Mezmo Solutions is a mature IT services provider with considerable market experience and a fantastic group of clients!

Lots of agencies and developers get caught up in the strategy and the “but then what happens is…” kind of stuff

Don’t get us wrong, we value being strategic but you know what’s the most strategic thing you can do? Release features!  

Mezmo Solutions is one of the top app development companies in India, We focus on getting things done in record time so your idea can actually see the light of day.

Mezmo Solutions love building features that build great apps and businesses.

We specialize in “general” app development and we love apps that connect common features for new, unique, and innovative use cases.

We’ll get your project across the finish line on time and on budget




For real, your idea is pretty damn cool… Like “change the game,” “shake things up,” “make a dent in the universe,” kinda cool…

That’s it — nothing fancy. Just the way app development should be

There’s only one problem. It’s just an idea, and you need to put that idea in the palm of your hand…



Flutter Apps

Build apps on Flutter in both Android and iOS

User Experience

Design clean and intuitive products which users love


Never face any downtown with our 24×7 support and dynamic servers

Website Development

Create stunning website at lowest costs for your business

Backend Database Connections

Bring everything together with a clean database structure

iOS Apps

Scaleable iOS apps built with Swift & Objective C