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It is true that no two customer projects are exactly alike, and Kuest treats each customer project as unique. However, our team has completed enough projects to identify commonalities, which can assist us in pricing your project. This allows us to provide an estimate, which is always competitive, and a great value. Contact us for additional information, or download our brochure on software costs below.

We provide a comprehensive service level agreement (SLA), which guarantees the level of support from the moment your solution goes live. This includes team knowledge retention, background system maintenance and general user software support.

All of our developers have advanced certifications and years of software development experience in an array of primary languages and frameworks. This allows them to explore all available options when choosing the best technology platforms for your software project.

Before setting a clear timeline, we need to clarify our clients’ requirements as detailed as possible. In general, a project could typically take from 3 to 6 months depending on its complexity. Some projects in which web or mobile applications need to be Integrated with 3rd party systems such as payment gateways might take up more time.

You will receive a email from our Business Development Team within 24 hours.


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